What are antibiotics?​​

Antibiotics are medicines that may be prescribed to fight infections caused by bad bacteria. While antibiotics can be helpful, if overused, or used incorrectly, the bacteria may develop antibiotic resistance. In this case the use of antibiotics is no longer helpful to kill the bad bacteria and may even cause more harm by killing the good bacteria.

Do I need antibiotics when going to the dentist?​​​

It is important to only use antibiotics when they are needed. Most common dental procedures do not require antibiotics. However, based on your procedure and medical history, your dentist may recommend an antibiotic. Always ensure you let your dentist know about any medical conditions or changes to your health.

What can you do?

Antibiotics and Dental Care

The best way to ensure you don’t need antibiotics for oral infections is to prevent them in the first place. Establishing a daily mouth care routine, eating well and visiting your dentist regularly are all important in preventing dental disease​.

Overview of antibiotics and dental care

The British Columbia Dental Association in partnership ​with the BC Centre for Disease Control Antibiotic Wise community education program, have created the following handout outlining the use of antibiotics in dentistry and when they may be used.​​​​

​To learn more about antibiotic resistance and use visit antibioticwise.ca