Pain management: Dentists and patients should have conversations about pain management and bleeding before a dental procedure. Your dentist will carefully consider the benefits and risks of various pain management options before prescribing medication. Because your dentist knows there is a risk of addiction to opioids, he or she may discuss other ways to manage pain. Be aware that opioids are most beneficial for short-term pain management - such as a few days after surgery or an injury.

What you can do: Let your dentist know before your treatment about any medication you're taking, including natural supplements, edibles and marijuana, heart medication, insulin for diabetes, and benzodiazepines. Also disclose whether and how often you've had any alcohol. Having a discussion like this is especially important if you're going to be sedated. Take any medication exactly as your dentist, dental specialist or pharmacist have instructed.

The Canadian Dental Association offers Tips for Care After Minor Oral Surgery.