A dental restoration is a treatment and/or appliance designed to restore the health and/or function of the teeth and include fillingscrownsbridgesdental implants and dentures.

Early treatment through a filling can stop the progression of disease. If a cavity is not filled, the decay will continue to spread, affecting more of the tooth. Over time and depending on the severity of the cavity you may no longer be able to fill the tooth but will require a more extensive restoration, such as the placement of a crown. The infection may spread and result in an abscess which will require a root canal filling. If the decay spreads it might also lead to the loss of the tooth. 

Regular dental examinations support the early detection of disease. Your dentist can work with you to treat any issue and avoid future decay. This also involves looking at some of the potential causes and adjusting your habits – frequency of brushingflossing, using a fluoride toothpaste, diet and other lifestyle factors.

Speak to your dentist about any recommendations for your dental health.