No two individuals are alike; neither are their dental care needs. How you care for your teeth, your overall health, age, diet, nutrition and genetics are just some of the factors that influence your dental health. A group benefits plan is not unique to your dental health care needs and may not cover all your treatment requirements.

When you visit your dentist, they will: 

  • Examine your mouth and provide treatment recommendations based on their findings
  • Go over all treatment options with you to let you know why they are recommending each option
  • Explain any concerns in delaying or declining the care

Make Informed Choices for Your Health

It is important to make your decision based on your dental health needs, not on what your dental plan covers.

  • Ask questions so that you feel comfortable with your treatment choice
  • Discuss all of your treatment options with your dentist to understand the reasons behind their recommendation
  • Know your plan so you can be aware of what may or may not be covered

Also review the Frequently Asked Questions: Dental Plans.