• Girl brushing teeth

    Brushing and flossing—the gold standard for prevention.

    Prevent cavity-causing bacteria from growing in your mouth by brushing twice daily (after breakfast and before bedtime) and flossing at least daily.

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    Tips for Better Brushing
  • Girl with lollipop

    Watch what, and when, you eat.

    Not all foods or drinks are equal when it comes to your dental health. Limit the number of sugary treats, especially chewy and hard candies that can stick to your teeth, also avoid grazing on foods throughout the day.

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    Healthy Food Choices
  • Woman drinking water

    Drink water more often.

    Not only is water good for your health, it helps wash away food particles from your mouth and return it to a neutral pH balance faster.

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  • Girl breaking cigarette

    Avoid smoking.

    Smoking not only affects your general health it can have many impacts on your dental health, including contributing to gum disease and decay.

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    Effects of Smoking Tobacco on your Mouth and Gums (Canadian Dental Association)
  • Little Boy Brushing Teeth

    Start early.

    Baby teeth are important for normal development of adult teeth, speech, and proper nutrition. Start caring for your baby’s mouth, even before the first tooth arrives, by cleaning your baby’s mouth with a soft, damp cloth.

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    Importance of Baby Teeth
    Healthy Habits for Children