Want to find a career with purpose, where you can make a real difference in people’s lives; where you work with the latest technology; and where going to work feels more like being with family than a faceless drone behind a desk?​

Dental teams vary in size, from​ boutique practices with one dentist and a small team, to larger practices with multiple locations. With the range of practices hiring team members, there’s a good chance you can work where you live.​​

Some positions require formal education and training, and some just require on-the-job training – avoiding expensive tuition fees! If you have the desire to help people, and have a caring and patient disposition, a career in​ dentistry is waiting for you.​​​

Career Options


Dent​al Assi​sta​nt​

Dental Assistants​ are integral to the dental practice. There are two types of dental assist positions in BC:

  • Certified Dental Assistants (CDA) assist dentists with surgical procedures, and provide important services directly related to pat​ient care. CDAs receive a diploma through a formal training program, and are regulated health professionals under the College of Dental Surgeons​ of BC.​
  • Dental Assistants (DA) provide many services and direct patient care, but do not require formal training. Dental Assistants receive training directly from the dentist and are not regulated ​health providers.​